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Friday, August 07, 2009

Sorting Fabric versus John Hughes

So, this week when I should have been sorting my fabric I was watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and WarGames with my guys. The 11 year old has an appreciation of 80's movies or he pretends to because he knows I will let him stay up and watch them. Am I really dumb enough to believe that a child of the O0's counts Sixteen Candles as one of his favorite movies? Yes, Yes I am.

Which brings me to the news of the loss of John Hughes. Quite a coincidence that we have been watching his films all week (not WarGames, of course) and I had actually looked him up on the internet to see what he was up to now. The films that he produced/directed/wrote took me through junior high and high school. The Breakfast Club was the first R-rated movie that I saw in a theater. My mom took me and I felt very grown-up as I was not 17. The soundtrack for that movie is still among my favorites...or at least the Simple Minds song is.

I could go on for days about the movies that he wrote and how popular they are at our house (over and over again), but alas I must get my work done and sort some fabric! So, John Hughes I salute you. I think I'll pop-in my VHS edition of the Breakfast Club while I sort...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Really Deliquent Post

OK. So it's been two years since I last updated. I started this blog as motivation to de-clutter my house and life. Instead, shortly after our trip to France, my husband and I decided to become foster parents which ADDED more stuff to the house. The past two years have been quite an adventure with learning to parent and going from a two people in our three story, three bedroom, one bathroom house to five people in our humble abode. We only take older kids (10 and up) and have no homemade ones. Talk about jumping in with both feet.

Which leads to why I am back. I committed to do the scrappy Christmas swap that my sister (Beth at ModernJax) is organizing and I think my fellow swappers should know a little something about me. I love to buy fabric but an afraid to cut it and sew. This swap is an attempt to jump start my sewing again AND I am most excited about it. Stay tuned for more posts as I pick my fabric and start cutting. I promise it won't take two years.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Deliquent Post's been a while! I've been busy, but not with my sewing or dejunking efforts.

I have finished one project. A cute wrap for my ibook:

I'm not completely thrilled with it, but for a first attempt, it's not bad. For my next one, I will do sides and a rectangular flap.

The Eiffel Tower fabric was in honor to my trip to France! I met David in Geneva and we took the train to Lyon. I spent a week walking every where in Lyon. It's amazing! Photos from the trip will be up soon.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nothing is as Expected

So...I started this blog with the idea of using it to force myself to clear clutter from my life. My husband and I live in a 3-story house that is filled to the rafters with more stuff than we need. Unfortunately, I have been too busy accumulating stuff to do this blog!

My latest fad is fabric and I have embraced it!

I just got a "charm pack" of this:

I thought about using it in a quilt...but them I found a purse pattern and will be making that this weekend (if the pattern comes)...